Rice and Beans

As told by Pastor Mike Thomas:

School was not in session. I had expected to arrive at The Torch Compound and see all the activity that school children bring to an atmosphere. I also couldn’t wait to feed them. It has been years since the children of this school have been fed a meal on the grounds.

We put the large gas burners in place. The over-sized pots were a welcomed sight to our staff cook Emmanuel. The white of his teeth told me he was extremely happy to cook with such materials. And we started preparing the meal.  haiti 3-9-16 329

Word flowed through the community – the children were wanted at the school. Teachers arrived and the line stretched as long as a New York City block and then some. They stood two-by-two, taking in the smell of the meal. haiti 3-9-16 341

As the staff began to prepare the food on the metal plates we’d purchased, I questioned the portion sizes. Surely the children can’t eat that much? The affirmative nods from the workers caused me to shrug my shoulders, “We’ll see.”

And two-by-two the plates were distributed. The kids walked carefully to the church, not wanting to drop or spill their plates. Row by row they sat, balancing their plate and utensil. The room was so quiet except for the sounds of chewing and swallowing and tummies being filled.  haiti 3-9-16 348

There were those who needed seconds, but seconds were unavailable. The plates were licked clean. There were moments where one child finished and another shared a spoonful from his plate to help. And even though the plates had been filled to the brim with food, it didn’t satisfy the deep hunger of those little dark faces, with eyes that spoke so much but couldn’t say what life was really like.  haiti 3-9-16 378

I am forever changed. I cannot express the hurt in my heart except to say how much more our Father in Heaven hurts for these precious children which He created and loves with a depth we cannot understand.

Currently, there are 192 sponsors. We need 1029 more sponsorship’s.

There have been sleepless nights for me, wondering if what we’ve taken on as a church is unreachable and sustainable. But then I remember the God we serve. The God Who loves you and me and the people of Haiti. The God Who led us to the compound. The God Who is guiding us and pointing us in the right direction.

And I close my eyes, knowing He’s Got This… haiti 3-9-16 399

To join our efforts and sponsor on of these beautiful children, please visit: https://www.purecharity.com/the-torch-deyemon-school

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