A Small Word

A small word is better than no word…

We received a text that the team arrived safely in Deyemon, Haiti, late Tuesday afternoon. If you have been keeping up with our Haiti Compound, you know the drive from Port au Prince to Deyemon is grueling and very long – 8 to 13 hours.

Communication has been difficult for them; but, they are working and accomplishing much. We are grateful for God’s Hand in ALL things.

Continue to pray for good health, safe travels, Divine Intervention, and fun!




Much to Do

Our crew arrived with 800 pounds of luggage Sunday in Port au Prince, Haiti. The Guest House at which we are staying is always a welcomed treat. The owner Phyllis loves the Lord and serves Him and His people graciously.

The Team met with Food for the Poor. The relationship we are building with this organization is helpful and wonderful. Continue to pray for Divine appointments as we navigate this journey in Haiti.

The day was filled with connections. From the attorney who is helping us to obtain our NGO (Non-Governmental Organization or Non-Profit Status) to meeting with an agricultural specialist to help the process of sustainability, to discussions of building a new orphanage (which we need desperately). God had His Hand in the day, and we are grateful.

Today we will start the journey to Deyemon. As you may remember, it is quite a drive – 8 to 13 hours. I’ve learned much on the trips to Deyemon. God always has something new to show us and someone new to meet. I’m certain today will be no different.

Please pray for travel mercies, health, and safety. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

This morning my thoughts are on this verse from Psalm 36:5, “Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

As I look up, the sky is blue and filled with clouds. I’m reminded that clouds are endless just as His faithfulness. And He does it, not because He is mandated to do so, but because He wants to. That is such an awesome thought. He simply wants to be forever faithful to us because He adores us and loves us. His faithfulness is unmovable and beyond measure.

We praise Him today! Celebrate with us on this journey in Haiti!


Haiti Bound

My office is filled with suit cases, packed full of clothing items, equipment, books, a sewing machine, water filter, and so much more. As I am packing, I’m thinking of all that needs to be done. Last night I received pictures of the Kindergarten Building. We will have the grand opening while there. The floor is in, and we couldn’t be happier with the construction work.

The children will be in the new building possibly by the end of next week. What a difference! Below you can see the condition of the building before The Torch became a part of God’s story in Haiti. And the building now. What a blessing for these children!

We will meet with Food for the Poor. They have graciously donated an 11kw generator which we will pick up and install. This is an answer to prayer. The well will be tested for water. We are believing in God’s provision.

The picture below is the beauty that surrounds The Torch Christian Academy, Medical Clinic, and Church.

mountains of Haiti

We will be having Pastor Training, studying the Church Doctrines as well as Leadership. Our team here at The Torch Demorest prepared booklets and study guides for the week, translated in English, French, and Haitian Creole. It has been a busy two weeks for us! Each Pastor who completes the course will receive a framed Certificate of Achievement signed by our Senior Pastor, Mike Franklin.

In June we are having a Crusade in Haiti at The Torch Compound! Preparations are already underway and plans are being made even as I type this blog to you. Be in prayer for the efforts by the pastoral staff on the ground in Haiti. Voodoo is very prominent in Haiti but our God is stronger, better, and more powerful. We are believing great things. We will be looking at property to build our Fifth Torch church in the heart of the Voodoo area.

In closing, I ask for prayers for travel mercy, provision, compassion, and clarity. Thank you for being a part of God’s story at The Torch Haiti Compound. God is moving mountains and we are simply instruments for His use.

Prayerfully consider sponsoring a child. There are so many needs. We could not do this without your donations and support.

See you in a week! 


Two are better than One

Over the weekend, we received pictures of the progress on the Kindergarten Building. It is exciting to see what is being done and knowing the benefit for the children of Haiti. Thank you for being in an active partnership with us.

Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”

The medical exams were successful. Reports coming back indicated that one of our students has a heart issue which we were able to refer him to a doctor outside of Deyemon for care. The number of patients seen were 400+ students and 300+ adults. The medical team was able to stay in the guest house and were thrilled with the solar panels! All the hard work from our last mission team trip has truly paid off. Many thanks for the prayers, the hard work, and the funding.


My favorite part of every trip is of course the time with the children. My family and I sponsor this little girl. On one of my first trips to the compound, we saw her sitting on the side of the road for several days. I sent one of our interpreters to determine who she was and what her situation was. We visited her home and learned of the dire life she was living. Her mom could not keep her alive. We brought her to the compound, dressed her, fed her, cleaned her up, and sent food home for her family. The day we were leaving, she was standing on the side of the road calling out to us. I learned later she was saying, “My mom says I can go home with you.” It is what led my wife, Marybeth and I to sponsor her. She is a different little girl today. She is now a student at The Torch Christian Academy Haiti. And the consistency of good nutrition, education, and medical care is making an impact.

Children’s lives are being changed because of our sponsors. We see it as a “leg-up.” We see it as a method to sustainability. We see it as hope for the future of not only the children but their families and their community. What is done today is changing the world for the future of Deyemon – through education, medical support, and food.

Please be in prayer for our next project. We are going to build a new orphanage on the property. If you are interested in helping through prayer, finances, or time, please let us know.





Even in poverty

As told by Chad Cooper:

Traveling to Haiti this month put a face on the reality I already knew existed but couldn’t fully understand. Now that I have been there, I want to work even harder for those children.

My wife, Christi, and I decided to sponsor two children from Haiti through The Torch. We have 3 children, Caleb, Chloe, and Christian. Our decision was made as a family, and we have made our Haitian children an integral part of our family. As with any family, their pictures are on our refrigerator and in our living room. Because I have been there and visited them, they now have our pictures in the orphanage.

Davison and Glaina are true orphans. They live in the orphanage at The Torch Haiti Compound in Deyemon, Haiti. I say true orphans because unlike the other children attending the school, they live on the compound. Davison and Glaina have no one. No one to call family.

edited cooper

Looking back on my trip to visit them, I realize nothing could have prepared me for the experience. Nothing could have made the reality of how they live and how we live imaginable; but now that I’ve been there, I know my life will never be the same.

When we first drove into the compound, I was very nervous about meeting them. I didn’t know how they would feel toward me or how they would react to me. What I found in them was love – plain and simple. Somehow, even in poverty, love feels good. The generosity of the children was overwhelming in accepting me, laughing with me, and allowing me to have a part in their little lives.

God is moving. I do not say that lightly. At times it felt so unbelievably fast I thought I might lose my breath. We would need something that seemed impossible to have and BAM! someone would appear with the very item we needed to repair an issue. Time after time, I felt God’s presence so real and near like never before.

I spent a little over a week in Haiti at The Torch Compound. When our truck pulled out, heading back to Port-au-Prince, over and over in mind I repeated, “We’ve got to do more. We’ve got to do better. There is such an urgency. We’ve got to let people know.”

I can still hear Davison giggle. It’s usually after my children are tucked safely in bed, full of food and activity and love. It’s usually when Christi and I are tired and ready to turn out the light that I see Glaina’s dark brown eyes and shy smile.

I believe in Godly connections. There are no coincidences in life – only God – working to put us where He needs us to be. I do not know what God’s future plans are for Davison or Glaina; but, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to invest in their lives so that they will know Him.



I’d like to introduce you to Mario. He lives in Deyemon, Haiti and attends The Torch Christian Academy Haiti.

Mario has a great sense of humor and loves to play hard. His energy is contagious.

Living with his mother, father, 2 sisters, and 1 brother, Mario enjoys coming to school. His favorite subject is math and his favorite color is red.

When Mario grows up, he is going to be a Driver. When asked what he would really like to have, he answered, “a bike…”

Like all the little boys in Haiti, he LOVES soccer and believes he is really good!

Would you consider sponsoring him?

The way our sponsorship dollars are utilized – The first $30.00/month provides for Mario’s education, his lunch each day at school, and his medical care. The second $30.00/month provides for school supplies and the required uniform, mattress or bed, clothing, and the food program (for the orphanage and homes). The third $30.00/month provides for fresh water (well and cisterns), electricity (solar and generators), and infrastructure (building churches, orphanage and houses). Each child is sponsored with $90.00/month and those dollars benefit not only Mario but the community.

As a sponsor you can choose to be Mario’s sole sponsor at $90.00/month or you can share sponsorship with 2 other sponsors.

As of today, Mario does not have any sponsorship support. You can sponsor him completely by a generous donation each month of $90.00 or you can be one of 3 sponsors for him. Either way, this little boy will be tremendously blessed.


To see our other children who need sponsorships, please go to http://www.thetorch.net

You will see a tab for Haiti. Then a tab for sponsor a child.

Please share his photo. Help us to help Mario.

Together we are changing lives, one child at a time.

We are saying “NO MORE!”

I wanted to let all of you know how grateful we are for our sponsors. Because of you, we are able to do what we do in Haiti.

Today, the Sermon to Life Fellowship Class sponsored one of our little ones at The Torch Christian Academy in Haiti. Her name is Dania and she is 6 years old. When Dania grows up, she wants to be a teacher. Wouldn’t it be something if she taught at The Torch Christian Academy Haiti? Her favorite thing to do is jumping rope, and she loves the color red.

It is so exciting for us each day when we receive news of some development in Haiti. It is even more exciting when we receive a new sponsor. My prayer is that every child can receive a sponsor.

One of the daunting tasks of children/sponsors is we want very much to establish a system of correspondence. Before we put that into place, however, my prayer is every child would have a sponsor – have a letter – have someone to call their own. Would you help me?

Please spread the word. Talk to your friends, co-workers, your church (if you do not attend The Torch), and if you do attend The Torch – your church friends, and your family members.

Every child counts! We appreciate every one of you. This is a partnership! We are a team – and together we are saying NO MORE! No more to hunger, no more to lack of medical care, no more to lack of education, and no more to the lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We can say Progress!

I love to receive word from Haiti – especially when it is good news.

The kindergarten building is visible now. It excites me to know our students will have a new, safe place in which to learn. In June we will be training teachers and even as I type this note to you, in the office next to mine, we are working on a summer program for those interested in traveling and living for a brief period of time in Haiti.  It will be an opportunity to teach, spread the Word of Jesus Christ, and love on children. Plans are underway for the summer of 2017. Stay tuned…

Haiti picture

The Feeding Program is in full motion. I love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of how well the children are doing. A nutritious lunch is the key to learning and growing children.

Haiti feeding program

Because of your sponsorship dollars, God is moving in Haiti. What an opportunity to represent Jesus Christ to these children.

haiti feeding program 2

Our children received physicals this week in the medical clinic at The Torch Haiti Compound.

Thank you for all that you are doing for these children. Please continue to pray for provision and change. We have many children who need a sponsorship. Please spread the word!