We can say Progress!

I love to receive word from Haiti – especially when it is good news.

The kindergarten building is visible now. It excites me to know our students will have a new, safe place in which to learn. In June we will be training teachers and even as I type this note to you, in the office next to mine, we are working on a summer program for those interested in traveling and living for a brief period of time in Haiti.  It will be an opportunity to teach, spread the Word of Jesus Christ, and love on children. Plans are underway for the summer of 2017. Stay tuned…

Haiti picture

The Feeding Program is in full motion. I love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of how well the children are doing. A nutritious lunch is the key to learning and growing children.

Haiti feeding program

Because of your sponsorship dollars, God is moving in Haiti. What an opportunity to represent Jesus Christ to these children.

haiti feeding program 2

Our children received physicals this week in the medical clinic at The Torch Haiti Compound.

Thank you for all that you are doing for these children. Please continue to pray for provision and change. We have many children who need a sponsorship. Please spread the word!

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