We are saying “NO MORE!”

I wanted to let all of you know how grateful we are for our sponsors. Because of you, we are able to do what we do in Haiti.

Today, the Sermon to Life Fellowship Class sponsored one of our little ones at The Torch Christian Academy in Haiti. Her name is Dania and she is 6 years old. When Dania grows up, she wants to be a teacher. Wouldn’t it be something if she taught at The Torch Christian Academy Haiti? Her favorite thing to do is jumping rope, and she loves the color red.

It is so exciting for us each day when we receive news of some development in Haiti. It is even more exciting when we receive a new sponsor. My prayer is that every child can receive a sponsor.

One of the daunting tasks of children/sponsors is we want very much to establish a system of correspondence. Before we put that into place, however, my prayer is every child would have a sponsor – have a letter – have someone to call their own. Would you help me?

Please spread the word. Talk to your friends, co-workers, your church (if you do not attend The Torch), and if you do attend The Torch – your church friends, and your family members.

Every child counts! We appreciate every one of you. This is a partnership! We are a team – and together we are saying NO MORE! No more to hunger, no more to lack of medical care, no more to lack of education, and no more to the lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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