Even in poverty

As told by Chad Cooper:

Traveling to Haiti this month put a face on the reality I already knew existed but couldn’t fully understand. Now that I have been there, I want to work even harder for those children.

My wife, Christi, and I decided to sponsor two children from Haiti through The Torch. We have 3 children, Caleb, Chloe, and Christian. Our decision was made as a family, and we have made our Haitian children an integral part of our family. As with any family, their pictures are on our refrigerator and in our living room. Because I have been there and visited them, they now have our pictures in the orphanage.

Davison and Glaina are true orphans. They live in the orphanage at The Torch Haiti Compound in Deyemon, Haiti. I say true orphans because unlike the other children attending the school, they live on the compound. Davison and Glaina have no one. No one to call family.

edited cooper

Looking back on my trip to visit them, I realize nothing could have prepared me for the experience. Nothing could have made the reality of how they live and how we live imaginable; but now that I’ve been there, I know my life will never be the same.

When we first drove into the compound, I was very nervous about meeting them. I didn’t know how they would feel toward me or how they would react to me. What I found in them was love – plain and simple. Somehow, even in poverty, love feels good. The generosity of the children was overwhelming in accepting me, laughing with me, and allowing me to have a part in their little lives.

God is moving. I do not say that lightly. At times it felt so unbelievably fast I thought I might lose my breath. We would need something that seemed impossible to have and BAM! someone would appear with the very item we needed to repair an issue. Time after time, I felt God’s presence so real and near like never before.

I spent a little over a week in Haiti at The Torch Compound. When our truck pulled out, heading back to Port-au-Prince, over and over in mind I repeated, “We’ve got to do more. We’ve got to do better. There is such an urgency. We’ve got to let people know.”

I can still hear Davison giggle. It’s usually after my children are tucked safely in bed, full of food and activity and love. It’s usually when Christi and I are tired and ready to turn out the light that I see Glaina’s dark brown eyes and shy smile.

I believe in Godly connections. There are no coincidences in life – only God – working to put us where He needs us to be. I do not know what God’s future plans are for Davison or Glaina; but, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to invest in their lives so that they will know Him.


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