I’d like to introduce you to Mario. He lives in Deyemon, Haiti and attends The Torch Christian Academy Haiti.

Mario has a great sense of humor and loves to play hard. His energy is contagious.

Living with his mother, father, 2 sisters, and 1 brother, Mario enjoys coming to school. His favorite subject is math and his favorite color is red.

When Mario grows up, he is going to be a Driver. When asked what he would really like to have, he answered, “a bike…”

Like all the little boys in Haiti, he LOVES soccer and believes he is really good!

Would you consider sponsoring him?

The way our sponsorship dollars are utilized – The first $30.00/month provides for Mario’s education, his lunch each day at school, and his medical care. The second $30.00/month provides for school supplies and the required uniform, mattress or bed, clothing, and the food program (for the orphanage and homes). The third $30.00/month provides for fresh water (well and cisterns), electricity (solar and generators), and infrastructure (building churches, orphanage and houses). Each child is sponsored with $90.00/month and those dollars benefit not only Mario but the community.

As a sponsor you can choose to be Mario’s sole sponsor at $90.00/month or you can share sponsorship with 2 other sponsors.

As of today, Mario does not have any sponsorship support. You can sponsor him completely by a generous donation each month of $90.00 or you can be one of 3 sponsors for him. Either way, this little boy will be tremendously blessed.

To see our other children who need sponsorships, please go to

You will see a tab for Haiti. Then a tab for sponsor a child.

Please share his photo. Help us to help Mario.

Together we are changing lives, one child at a time.

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