Two are better than One

Over the weekend, we received pictures of the progress on the Kindergarten Building. It is exciting to see what is being done and knowing the benefit for the children of Haiti. Thank you for being in an active partnership with us.

Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”

The medical exams were successful. Reports coming back indicated that one of our students has a heart issue which we were able to refer him to a doctor outside of Deyemon for care. The number of patients seen were 400+ students and 300+ adults. The medical team was able to stay in the guest house and were thrilled with the solar panels! All the hard work from our last mission team trip has truly paid off. Many thanks for the prayers, the hard work, and the funding.


My favorite part of every trip is of course the time with the children. My family and I sponsor this little girl. On one of my first trips to the compound, we saw her sitting on the side of the road for several days. I sent one of our interpreters to determine who she was and what her situation was. We visited her home and learned of the dire life she was living. Her mom could not keep her alive. We brought her to the compound, dressed her, fed her, cleaned her up, and sent food home for her family. The day we were leaving, she was standing on the side of the road calling out to us. I learned later she was saying, “My mom says I can go home with you.” It is what led my wife, Marybeth and I to sponsor her. She is a different little girl today. She is now a student at The Torch Christian Academy Haiti. And the consistency of good nutrition, education, and medical care is making an impact.

Children’s lives are being changed because of our sponsors. We see it as a “leg-up.” We see it as a method to sustainability. We see it as hope for the future of not only the children but their families and their community. What is done today is changing the world for the future of Deyemon – through education, medical support, and food.

Please be in prayer for our next project. We are going to build a new orphanage on the property. If you are interested in helping through prayer, finances, or time, please let us know.




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