Much to Do

Our crew arrived with 800 pounds of luggage Sunday in Port au Prince, Haiti. The Guest House at which we are staying is always a welcomed treat. The owner Phyllis loves the Lord and serves Him and His people graciously.

The Team met with Food for the Poor. The relationship we are building with this organization is helpful and wonderful. Continue to pray for Divine appointments as we navigate this journey in Haiti.

The day was filled with connections. From the attorney who is helping us to obtain our NGO (Non-Governmental Organization or Non-Profit Status) to meeting with an agricultural specialist to help the process of sustainability, to discussions of building a new orphanage (which we need desperately). God had His Hand in the day, and we are grateful.

Today we will start the journey to Deyemon. As you may remember, it is quite a drive – 8 to 13 hours. I’ve learned much on the trips to Deyemon. God always has something new to show us and someone new to meet. I’m certain today will be no different.

Please pray for travel mercies, health, and safety. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

This morning my thoughts are on this verse from Psalm 36:5, “Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

As I look up, the sky is blue and filled with clouds. I’m reminded that clouds are endless just as His faithfulness. And He does it, not because He is mandated to do so, but because He wants to. That is such an awesome thought. He simply wants to be forever faithful to us because He adores us and loves us. His faithfulness is unmovable and beyond measure.

We praise Him today! Celebrate with us on this journey in Haiti!


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