Blessings Abound in Haiti

It is always exciting when God shows out for us and this trip to Haiti is no exception.

We heard from our “on the ground” team this morning as they are making their way back from Deyemon to Port au Prince. Their voices of excitement were contagious for us, and I want to share with you ALL that God is doing for the people of Haiti through you.

The generator has been installed and what a blessing! For the first time ever, teachers have power in the school! The teachers were so grateful and filled with anticipation as to what this means for them – teaching wise. Poverty ends where education begins. We know that without God and all of you, we would not be able to offer this wonderful opportunity for the children of Haiti to learn, not only about the world, but about Who created the world.

Saturday night, the team set up the beautiful projector which was donated and showed a movie for the orphanage children. They had never experienced something like this and you can imagine the fun! The movie was about Noah’s Ark, and our team prepared popcorn and candy for the kids. The smiles remained even into the next day. This is something we want to do on a community level – to show Christian movies to the community – a family night together in the church!

The Leadership/Church Doctrine Classes were a great success. 21 Certificates of Achievement were issued. 6 Baptism were done on Saturday and 2 Saved on Sunday! God is working in Haiti, and we couldn’t be more humbled and appreciative.

Thank you for your sponsorship dollars! 100% of what you donate goes to benefit the children at The Torch Haiti. When we change the lives of children, we change the community, and generations to come.

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