There’s Power in Church

One of the benefits of the generator? POWER!

I love this picture. Since the church has power to recharge cell phones, what you see is a very common practice – listen to the sermon – recharge your batteries!

And isn’t that what we all need? To reconnect, recharge, refill the power of God in our lives. The church gives us what we need to make it through the long week until it is time to recharge again.

For many Haitians living in Deyemon, not only are their cell phones being recharged, but their hearts are as well. We are excited to see souls being saved; lives being changed; batteries being recharged; the Gospel being taught.

orphanage children

These are our orphanage children. Maybe you see your sponsored child? Please pray for our children at The Torch Haiti Compound. Pray for their needs to be met; pray for hope; pray for their futures; pray for love and stability. As we grow the Haiti Compound, it is our goal to give each of these children the promise of an education, life skill training to bring about an end to the cycle of poverty, and the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ. Currently, we are in the planning phase of building a new orphanage so that we do not have to turn children in need away, and we can give these precious children a better home in which to live.

Thank you for your support of The Torch Haiti Compound Mission Project. We are a team, and together we are facing poverty head on and saying “NO MORE!”

No More to lack of food and water

No More to lack of education

No More to lack of medical care

No More to the lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ

To sponsor a child, please visit and click on Haiti. Join our team to make a difference in the lives of these children.






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