Change Agents

Today, Nate Welborn became a change agent for God. It is something we’ve talked about a great deal here at The Torch. It is something we are striving to be – people who impact God’s Kingdom; people who make a difference; people who help others.

Nate honored his teachers at Clarkesville Elementary by donating his favorite books in French to The Torch Christian Academy Haiti. Nate wrote a message in the front of the books with his teachers’ names and why it is his favorite book. At The Torch Christian Academy Haiti, we are collecting books – in French – so the children can have the enjoyment and gift of reading.

Nate Welborn

Maybe you, like Nate, would like to help? We welcome your donations! We’d like the books to be written in French. Please write a note in the front with your name and why it is your favorite book.

I am always excited to see children willing to help others. It is something I know Nate will carry in his heart for life.

We have the power to change the world; but, first we must realize, it starts with us – you and me. It starts when we see beyond ourselves. Thank you, Nate, for being a change agent for the children of Haiti.

Nate Welborn3

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