A simple thing…

I love this picture. In fact, if I had to sum up the emotional trip this month to Haiti, it would be in this very picture.

Ted Ansley was a great man in our church. When he passed away several months ago, he asked his family to tell people in lieu of flowers send donations to help the children of Haiti. It was his heart – always helping people.

The Torch Haiti orphanage needed beds. Some of the children there had never had a bed and others – well, it was not a bed any of us would ever consider to be a bed. Because of Ted’s love for others, our orphanage now has beds for these beautiful children, with mattresses and pillows and brightly colored linens, which our children’s department provided.

A bed – it seems like a simple thing really. I personally have never been without a bed. I’ve chosen to sleep on the floor at spend the night parties as a boy or camp in a tent. And admittedly, I’ve probably fallen asleep a few times watching a Disney princes movie on the floor with my daughters. Our reality and theirs is so entirely different.

The excitement as we lined the beds up on the orphanage wall was like Christmas morning at my house. I watched as their small hands ran over the comfortable mattress and outlined the wooden frames. It is a simple thing really – until you don’t have one.

Our eyes are looking up to a God Who loves these little ones; knows their future; and looks to us to help them. Thank you for being our partner in Haiti. We continue to ask for sponsorship. There are many children who have received the wonderful gift of sponsorships; but, many who have not.

Spread the word. It is a simple thing really – but means everything to a child in need.

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