A New Building

Just in time for school to start, our Kindergarten Building is finished and we couldn’t be more pleased. We cannot wait for it to be filled with children eager to learn. September 5th will be the first day of school for The Torch Christian Academy in Haiti (TCAH). We anticipate over 500 students, all tuition free, receiving one meal a day, medical care, books, uniforms, and school supplies. We have come a long way since January when we first purchased the Compound in Haiti.

Friday, September 2nd, our medical team will be leaving to minister to the medical needs of the community of Deyemone. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We never take for granted the safe, loving hand of God over our team, and we certainly feel His presence with us every step of the way.

Consider sponsoring one of the students at TCAH or a financial contribution. We also ask for your continued prayers for our pastors in Haiti, our staff at the Compound, and for the development of sustainability for the people in Deyemone.

Plans are underway to build a new orphanage on the property. Currently, the children live off the property. The Lord has graciously provided the funds necessary to bring our children to the compound. We hope to break ground next month.

Our team will update as much as possible while we are in Haiti so that you can experience with us the journey. Thank you again for all the love and support in our partnership to improve lives and change hearts for the glory of God.

Old Kindergarten building
What was…
painted Kindergarten building
What is now…Praise God! 



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