News from Haiti

Our Medical Mission Team arrived safely in Port au Prince and traveled to Deyemone. The two main objectives for the team are to work in the medical clinic seeing patients daily and help facilitate the starting of the school year. At the compound in Haiti, there is always a great deal of work that needs to be done.

Pastor Mike met with parents of the students as well as the teachers. We are excited about this new year for The Torch Christian Academy in Haiti. Not one of the 500+ students attending the school pay tuition. In Haiti, children must pay for an education – and parents are still overwhelmed with the blessing of free education.

Because of the faithful donations and sponsorships, children are able to receive school supplies, a free education, one meal per day, medical care, and water.

The clinic has been full daily with people needing medical assistance. With the help of our full-time nurse and on-call physician, our team has been able to assist many people with health issues, to educate them for a more pro-active healthy life style, and to provide necessary medicines to each patient as needed.

It all comes with a cost, and we need your help. Currently, only 1/3 of our students are sponsored. Please help us to carry the burden by telling others of the opportunity to help someone in Haiti. You can visit our website It is easy to choose a child to sponsor either with $30 a month/$60 a month/or $90 a month. Change begins by a simple act of commitment to bless another. Be the change in someone’s life.

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