Our Team Returns!

Today we rejoice that our team for medical missions has returned safely and with wonderful accounts of the majesty and glory of God. 

Over 820 patients were seen in The Torch Medical Clinic in Deyemone, Haiti. The Hand of God and the miracles which occurred are overwhelming and exciting to hear. We will be sharing our trip with you throughout the week.

The picture above is a little girl named Katelyn who attends The Torch Christian Academy Haiti. The precious dress she is wearing was made by our wonderful group of Dream Teamers. Each time we travel to Haiti,  dresses are taken for these precious children. The reactions of the children to have something new and beautiful is heart tugging. We are grateful for the dedication of those who sew tirelessly for the children of Deyemone.

Personally, I want to say thank you to our medical team. If it needed to be done, it was done by you. I am grateful for the love of Jesus Christ shown from each one of you, and the willingness to serve and represent God to impact and change lives.

For all of you who support The Torch Mission in Haiti, a big thank you. Each time that I travel, I have the opportunity to witness the difference being made in the lives of the people there. Today, my heart is smiling because I know together we are impacting the Kingdom of God.


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