Our Team is Home

Our team is home…but their hearts remain with the people of Haiti… among the rubble and debris; with the faces of those sheltered in our church; holding the injured; consoling those who lost all; in the clearing of the roads and the gradual process of rebuilding from the mighty roar of Hurricane Matthew.

But the roar of the Cross is greater.

There is much to be done. Those words were written when we first accepted the project in Haiti back in January, 2016 – the school, the medical clinic, the churches, the people. Words which held dreams and desires for the future. Words which never met face-to-face with Hurricane Matthew, death, catastrophe, or destruction until now.

Through it all, the Hand of God held fast for our people, the property, our team, and our faith in Him. Now, more than ever, we need your help. Share our stories, our pictures, and our desires to rebuild and restore.

The image above is the mudslide/rock slide which blocked  our ability to receive aid or to get the injured out. We actually had to pass the injured over the rocks to get them to the hospital.


This is Sadrak. He was the eyes and ears of the Campus. Each day, he went to get a signal through to the outside world.


Each night we heard the prayers of the people followed by singing. Our campus housed anywhere from 700 to 1000 people by the Grace of God.


This is one of the pastors’ home, completely destroyed by the hurricane. His wife was injured as well. We were able to get her the medical attention she needed. His family is left with nothing; but, they are grateful to be alive.

Spread the word to be the eyes and ears of those we’ve left behind. Donations for Haiti Relief can be made directly through this website or at http://www.thetorch.net/haiti.


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