Home from Haiti

Today I am home from Haiti. Like most anything, there were moments when I felt things were moving forward and moments when I felt things were moving as slow as a sloth.

People are beginning to re-piece their lives even though materials are scarce and money is hard to come by. Aid is slow to get to Deyemone, and it is a constant push from us to let sources know where we are and how much the people in the community need support.

Even now, in all that must be done to restore and rebuild the lives of the people in our congregation in Haiti, I see God’s Hand. I was walking down the road which leads to our Campus. Two boys around the age of 10 were kicking an aluminum can back and forth. They were singing but I was unaware of the song until a familiar chorus floated through the air in front of me. It was “Good, good Father.”

I smiled to myself. Although the words were in Creole, it still resonated in my soul. He is a good Father to me, to you, and to two little boys kicking a can on a dirt road.

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