Cleaning Up

Have you ever stood in your garage and thought – how did all this get here? And what am I going to do with it?

Most of the things that we don’t use – someone else can!

95% of the area of Deyemone, Haiti, was wiped out by Hurricane Matthew. For people who had very little to begin with, it is difficult to fathom how they are even moving forward – but they are – with God’s help through you and me.

We have a container we are shipping to Haiti next week. If you have tools, working equipment, tarps, or instruments you no longer play, we want to bless our congregation in Haiti. Since you have been meaning to get that garage cleaned up – or the shed cleaned out – would you consider donating your items?

This shipment, we are looking for construction materials such as windows, doors, folding chairs, tables, generators, chainsaws, blowers, tarps, counter-tops, school supplies, 55 gallon drums, empty propane tanks, vegetable seeds, solar panels, electrical wire,  clean 5 gallon buckets with lids, ladders, chair hoist, straps, ROPE! (we need rope!!), Come-a-longs, and twin mattresses and beds, clean blankets, pillows and sheets, and instruments for our Praise and Worship Band at our churches (drums, guitars, amps, keyboards).

Because of the hurricane, we lost 4 of our 5 churches. As with any disaster, the process is slow and tedious; but, we are believing and hoping to restore them by the end of the year. We are in the process of building new homes for members of our congregation as well as building a new orphanage for our children (since ours was destroyed).

If you are interested in purchasing some of these items or making a donation so that we can purchase them – simply earmark the donation “Haiti Supplies.”

Contact Nora Almazan or Mike Thomas at The Torch 706-778-4063 or via email or for more information or drop off times.

Please share our blog through Social Media.

Help join us in being the change that makes the difference in the lives of people.

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