A Christmas Message from Haiti

This message is written by one of our students at The Torch Christian Academy  Haiti about the meaning of Christmas. 

Christmas is the day  we celebrate the birthday of God’s only Son, Immanuel.  Christmas comes with Good News. Each time we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, it brings the news that God is with us in this world.

My Papa tells me, no matter the suffering we might be in, we don’t run away from it.   We have to embrace it, just as Jesus did. Just as Jesus taught us to do. He never ran away from his suffering. Do you know why? Because he knew that His Father was, is, and will always be with Him.

I feel discouraged because of the hurricane. My family finally had a nice house. We had clothes and places to put our important papers. After the hurricane, we had nothing. I think suffering is meant to make us lose our focus on the reason Christ came into the world. When I let myself feel discouraged, I know it is trying to destroy my faith. It is trying to make me forget that God is with us – Immanuel. Christmas comes to remind us that God is with us.

I do not know how other people live. I wonder what it might be like to live somewhere different, to see the world I see in my books. My Papa tells me that people suffer everywhere in the world and many suffer far more than we do. No matter what we suffer from the meaning is still the same. Through it all, the pain, the loss, the sadness, the hunger, the thirst, the fear, and the dark, God is with us.  The meaning of Christmas is encouragement to a world that is scared. During the hurricane when I was so scared, my Papa whispered to me over and over, “God is with us.”

Christmas is God’s whisper to us, “I am here.”  

 -Johanna, The Torch Christian Academy

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