New Beginnings

In life, we are consumed by starts and finishes. Even now, many of you are preparing for the summer to end and school to begin. Not too long ago, we started a new year (2017) and are now 1/2 through it and looking at Christmas.

In so many ways, success is measured by completion. And each new day gives us a fresh beginning, a new start, and a chance to “get going” again.

The Torch Deyemone Campus has grown in ways we never imagined. We’ve had starts, stops, starts, stops, but always, God has had His touch on our people in Haiti. What was meant to harm, God has turned to good.

In partnership with Food for the Poor, The Torch is excited to send a team to our Deyemone Campus for the Dedication Ceremonies of 10 new buildings! It is a celebration of the hurricane’s destructive end and a fresh, new beginning for 5 of our staff and pastors’ families with new homes.

home 6

Because of your generous donations, these 10 buildings have been possible! 5 of the buildings are houses off campus. The other 5 will serve as homes for Campus staff, a new medical clinic, and possibly a birthing center. We couldn’t be more excited and joyful.

Each day is what we choose to make it. Let’s fill it with hope and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Every child has a name, hopes, wishes, and desires. What they are missing is the opportunity to make those dreams come true. The Torch Christian Academy Haiti turns the “no’s” into “yes’s”. It empowers children to reach beyond the barriers of poverty and despair and find the solutions to a successful life – God’s way. Consider becoming a part of the wave – be the yes to one of these beautiful children’s no.


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